CitixApp type options

I am creating a citrix application in Automation Studio. Need help to understand scenario to select Citrix App type


Hi @bhuvan

  • Citrix Host – A Citrix server on which application is hosted. You can configure a Citrix Host in Automation Studio (of non-Citrix environment) from the Admin menu or while creating the process itself.
  • Citrix Applications – An application which is hosted on a Citrix Server and is accessible by login to the Citrix environment. A Citrix Application is typically configured when a process created in Automation Studio in the Citrix environment is imported to the Automation Studio of the local or non-Citrix environment from the Migration tab in Admin menu.

Please refer Knowledge Base for more information

When Process Automation involves surface automation of Citrix Host - you can select Application type as “Citrix Host”, When Process Automation involves Citrix Application - you can select Application type as “Citrix Application”.