Chrome browser issue

I was trying to automate a Web Application using Chrome. But the Chrome browser seems to hang after launching. What could be the problem?

Possibly there are multiple instances of browser which are already opened.
In such scenario, due to the memory consumption, the browser might hang and won’t even get captured in the new tab.

To avoid such error, make sure that you close all previous instances of the browser from Task Manager -> Background Processes (or) in Processes Tab

It uses chromedriver to get control of Chrome Browser Window. chromedriver supports some specific chrome versions only. So, here is the possible options you can do.

  1. downgrade you Chrome version (I have tried this on ACE 17.5 chrome version - 61.0.3163.79 64 bit. It wasn’t working in latest version of chrome but it worked after i downgraded my chrome)
  2. Update chromedriver file located in ~/ACE/SeleniumDrivers (I haven’t tried this. This can result into error too, so make sure you take backup of old chromedriver file.)