Bot Management in AsisstEdge RPA


How does the recovery of bot happens in AssistEdge RPA? Please help understand the different ways.

AssistEdge 19.1 comes up with capability of Bot resiliency and recovery mechanisms -

  • Dynamic Selector mechanisms, Manual Selector mechanisms, Image Recognitions to identify the controls on web/applications.

  • Application change tracking - robots identifies the affected activities when controls are updated.

  • Try Catch, Win Pop-up handler mechanisms for handling unknown pop-up exception scenarios in Automation process,

  • Killing Process Application - mechanisms implementation while development of Automation Process,

  • On-Demand Retry mechanism of Transactions, process from AssistEdge Control Tower,

  • Heartbeat - for Agent connectivity with Control Tower.

  • Application Performance Monitoring

I think one of the ways is by using Proctor. If you use Proctor, the bots automatically restarts when the machine restarts.