Application Signs Out after few minutes

Hi Team,

I have an application which I am automating using AssistEdge RPA. The application automatically signs out if no action is performed over the application after 15 minutes.

When it comes to testing the process in Automation Studio, everything works fine as the application signs-in and the process gets executed.

When I create the Robot, the application sign-in happens, but my trigger runs every hour. Due to inactivity in the application the application signs out and further triggers are failing.

Is there any solution for this issue?

You can create a Automation workflow that keeps an application awake (within 15 minutes).

How do I do that? Every process is launching its own application.

Did you check, if you can keep web session active with javascript snippet running in backend?

Hi @sumit.sagar

I haven’t explored this. Will try to see how it is done.

Hi @Mantri, As per my understanding, when a request is assigned to robot using trigger, it performs series of operation, ie. All the underlying applications gets reset using reset process, signin happens using signin process and then automation starts.
In this way, robot should have been signed into the application before performing the automation. Would you be able to check if the reset and signin processes have been executed properly?

Yes @rajasri.muthaiya, the sign-in process is working.
But after the application signs out due to inactivity, the sign-in process is not getting triggered.

Hi @Mantri, Does the application stay in sign-in/login page once it is signed out?

The application shows the page of Session Timeout.

But I found the solution. I used the activity of Launch and SignIn Application which fixed the issue.

Thanks @Mantri for sharing the solution.


Another solution is to configure the step of sign in process in reset activity using Control Exist interaction

  1. When a robot received automation request it first executes Reset process associated with application. Idea of reset process is to bring the application from where actual automation can begin
  2. In Reset process first check if application has signed out. If yes, first close teh application using Close Application activity and then use Launch And Sign In activity