19.0 RPA HA Setup - Load Balancer Setup

What type of Load Balancer setup we need to configure for 19.0 HA setup Environment?

  1. URL Based ? or Port based? or any other type
    2.What Load Balancer Assist Edge product support?
    Any doc reference available?

You can refer to AssistEdge Knowledge base for AssistEdge 19.0 HA set up, you can also write to Edgeverve for High Availability set up in Customer Environment.


Contact Edgeverve -


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Hi @premsingh.chandran

In 19.0, you need to configure port based Load Balancer.

AssistEdge by default provides a configuration file for HaProxy present in data folder.

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Hi @prateek.mantri

Thanks for the response. Port-based routing means it will monitor only the server against the port, not the service. If one server goes down completely only, it will route to another server and there is no service-based routing or monitoring. Is my understanding correct?

Thank you @prateek.mantri for your guidance.

Thank you @sumit.sagar

HI @subramani64

Yes. Port based routing means it will monitor only the server against the port.
So, if the service is not running on one of the servers, you’ll get an error.

To handle this, you can configure a round robin algorithm. In this, once you refresh the page, the request will go to the next server.

Also, you can configure URL based routing by referring to the component properties file

Hello @Mantri
Our Queries are.

  1. if we use Port based LB routing . Whether all our service API URI will work by round robin method?

2.If we use URL based LB routing technique. whether we need to add all API URI used by our product along with all component urls in LB?

@prateek.mantri Thanks for the information. As we discussed will configure the below URI in the LB for URL-Based routing and let you know the status.


Yes. The above URL needs to be configured.

In case of messaging, you can configure messaging-sso
and for txnstore ts-api/ts-sso

@prateek.mantri Sure Prateek. We will configure messaging-sso and ts-api/ts-sso