Workflow scenarios

I have an workflow where i download set of reports from and perform few validation and merge operation to the downloaded excel reports and upload them to the server application. So i have created a workflow which is running successfully but the issues are:

1.The reports from are downloaded to downloads folder in the machine. If the process run for second instance then it will download the report and will be saved as task_tt (1).csv. But for excel operation i fetch the file is task_tt.csv. So either i should replace the file(But the downloaded file is just incremented) or delete the file before starting the instance which will download and perform merge operations.

2.But deleting each file is not a viable option because for few instances, few files are not downloaded and deleting operation would be failed since there are no file found with that name to delete.Is there a way to delete entire download folder on one go instead of deleting each file by its name? or any way to achieve this instead of deleting.

3.If my process instance is failed to execute for any reason is there a way to restart the process from where it failed instead of running it from the initial step.

Could you guys please advise on this?


Hi Naveen,

I am not from Edgeverve Team but as per my knowledge, below suggestions will work for your scenario.

  1. You can delete file before executing the process by using File operation activity.
  2. You can add File Operation activity inside Try catch activity so even if file not present, process won’t get fail.

Hi Naveen,

For Point # 3:
It is not possible to restart the process from where it failed instead of running it from the initial step

For Point # 1:
You can try archiving the previous file in some back up folder and keep the folder where file are to be downloaded empty

Amit Anand