Will my process be triggered in eva bot if my laptop is in sleep mode




I have created an automation process and scheduled my eva bot to trigger the process at night. My laptop goes in sleep mode if it is not used for an hour or when i flip my screen. Will my process be triggered even then or will it get triggered only when the laptop is in active mode.



I don’t think your processes will get triggered in sleep mode.
Sleep mode and hibernation both simply save the state your desktop is in (what programs are open, what files are accessed) in a file that is saved in RAM or on the hard drive respectively. But the computer is then put into a low power state. I do not believe that anything can actually run or do work in that state.

Why not conduct an experiment? You can try testing one process and while the process is running put the computer into sleep mode and see what happens.

Please do share if it works. :smiley: