Which users can start / stop my robot?

If the user belongs to a different profile, can that user start/stop the robot running for my profile?

What can I do to avoid users of other profiles starting and stopping my robots or deleting the triggers associated with my process and profile.

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 provides total segregation based on LOBs/Business Units
(totally separate Deployer, Support and Business and cannot see each other’s Bots– except Super Admin). You can also control it using Specify Role Access, “Bot Governance & Monitoring” → “Control Tower Tabs” and “Manager Access” role.


Once robot has been set up with your account ,ser with Super Admin role will be able to stop / start robot in your profile irrespective of profile is assigned to him or not. He will also be able to create trigger. In Default role user with RPAProc Owner role will only be able to start / stop robot in his profile

For achieving segregation, create Custom role and assign appropriate access to achieve profile segregation
You can read about role access here: