Web Scrapping issue for Desktop app

Hi Team,
I am working on launching a desktop application(Software House) and automate rest of the work. To web scrape and add the activities, after we click on play button from below image :
Another window isn’t opening to configure the steps and save the activities on desktop application. Could you please help me out on this.

After clicking the play button. Move the mouse pointer over the control while pressing keyboard key Ctrl. It should highlight the controls. Now perform click while Ctrl pressed to select the control.

Hi Ashish,
It is performing the action as we do manually.
But I want to configure the steps that I perform like mouse click, select etc. A second window was opened initially from which I configured few steps, but now the second window isn’t opening. Could you please help on that.

Share debug level logs.

Hi Ashish,
Is there a chance I can share my screen in skype and show you the issue please ?