Web Automation - Find By

Hi Team,

On what basis does the Find by option like css3selector, css3xpath, id or name decided?

How would I know that I should change the selector?

Find By - is dynamic selector mechanism to identify the UI Elements property while web automation. Find By attributes with id, name, css3selector, css3xpath, manual.

Check on the web-page, whether the these attributes are dynamic or static, find by accordingly.

What if - Automation Process is unable identify the primary UI Element selector?

For this, AssistEdge Automation studio provides user a capability of backup selector mechanism.


A UI control can be identified by multiple selector like css3selector, css3xpath, id. As an automation developer you should select one / multiple selection criteria which identifies your UI control uniquely.

AE RPA platform also provides fall back mechanism with priority in which if higher priority selector fails then it can fall back to lower priority selector



Which selector has the highest priority in AssistEdge RPA?

Hi @Mantri
Selectors follow top to bottom approach.

Hi @bhuvan

What about the Find By name selector?

Whether id will be preferred, or name selector will be preferred?


It goes in order as configured by user. You can drag and change order of selector