Web Application Process Execution Time is too high

Hi Team,

I have a Web Application Automation Process where there are multiple actions being performed.
Due to the performance issues and loading issues in the Web Application, I have to give significant delays for every action. Sometimes for some actions, significant delay is not even required as the Web Application or the element might have already loaded.
How do I ensure that the action gets performed as soon as the elements is loaded.

I have tried ControlExists but it is failing as sometimes my applicaton gets loaded but the elelment still takes time to load.

Did you try using the Application Exists activity? It is used to detect a target application availability for automation.

Hi @anshu.khetarpal

My web application is getting loaded in the browser. The issue that I am faing is my web page elements are taking time to load.
So I have to give significant undeterministic delay to wait for the element to load.
How do I ensure that as soon as my element loads, my action gets executed.

You may use the Wait Until Exists action while configuring the web element in Studio. It allows to wait until the UI element is found. You can use this to avoid any delay
in the page loading time. This interaction returns a Boolean value of true or false (on
success or failure respectively) on finding the image. The Boolean value can be set to a
variable and checked in a conditional statement to perform an appropriate action after
finding the web element.

Thanks @anshu.khetarpal . This hels.