Wait until exists option in community edition

Do we have wait unit control exists option in CE. I can see only control exists. Are these both same


No both these are different. Control exists just checks whether a particular control exists or not. Whereas, Wait until exists option is useful in scenarios where a page takes some time to load and initialize controls, so you want to wait till the time control exists on the page.



You can put a loop and add a delay for 1 sec. Run the loop till control exists value is true

which loop should i use, can u tell me the configratn


use while loop and run it until the element is found value is true

As suggested by Amit, using while loop is one good idea to implement the same activity. But somehow it will lead to an infinite loop, if not handled properly. And will finally end to session-timeout in AssistEdge. Adding to Amit’s view, one should also use number of retries as a counter to limit the while loop, i.e. ifControlExists or NumberOfRetries = x(x is integer, as per convenience).