Virus Scan activity return value


I am using Virus Scan activity to scan my folder. Result Mapping argument return True. Need help to understand these points:

  1. What represented by True?
  2. How I know - is there any virus identified?
  3. What action was taken?

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 - Automation Studio comes up with powerful capability to scan the folder with existing antivirus that is in machine. Result Mapping - True/False refers if virus scan operation is successful or failed, you can refer logs post this activity is successful.

You can Refer Knowledge base for more information on Virus Scan Activity in Automation Studio 19.1 Enterprise -

adding on to @sumit.sagar response

This activity will just perform the scan. For identified viruses and actions taken, you need to check your Antivirus software manually.

Most antivirus software have the capability to automatically act on the detected virus.


Activity invokes the antivirus software as defined in key value of config : ClientScanEngineExePath

If OpensScanWindow is set to true then depending upon your antivirus software UI you will get list of Virus as identified by your antivirus software

Any action need to be taken either manually or depending upin your anti virus sw configuration