Variable & Arguments

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Can you explain the difference between an Argument and a Variable?
When should I use Variable and when should I use Argument?

If you want to use a value across activities and processes then you should use Arguments to hold this value.

Arguments have specific directions (In, Out, In/Out) that specifies the application where data stored is supposed to move.

Arguments are used to pass data from one workflows to another, Arguments resembles a kind of variables in global sense that pass data between automation workflows, whereas variables pass data between activities.


Both variable and argument serve the same purpose with following difference:

  1. Argument have global scope and they will be available across entire flow

  2. Variable will have scope associated with them and they will only be available in the scope they are defined. Scope can be Flowchart for global scope or a specific activity or interaction also.


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I am unable to use a variable to pass value to any activity. Is this an expected behaviour?