Use of WorkItem Argument

Hello Everyone!

In Automation Studio of AssistEdge 19.0, whenever I create a process, I see an argument of WorkItem getting created in the Arguments windows. What is the use of this argument?

Certain automations involves quantities of work items that need to be measured such as Number of invoices, Number of excel rows, number of emails sent, number of issues, and so on. Whenever such kind of automations are executed, 1 transaction can process 1 or more of these workitems. The WorkItem argument is present in each process i.e. Normal and Load Gen processes. RPA Designer can update/increment the value of workItem for each SUCCESSFUL workitem processed. For example, the WorkItem argument can be defined in an Excel loop where once the first excel row is processed workItem value would become 1, the second row is processed the workItem value would become 2. This can be used for ROI Analytics- calculating effort savings per process/record.

In case my process has no Excel loop, the transaction executes only for one record, then whether the WorkItem value should be changed to 1 or should I keep it as zero?