Use of IsExtracted for Create DataTable

Hi Team,

When should I use the option of IsExtracted in Create Datatable.

I referred Knowledge Base, but I couldn’t understand.,IsExtracted,-Select%20this%20option

It says that it helps me to check if the data is extracted successfully. But Create DataTable doesn’t extract the data.

Please help/

IsExtracted property is to flag the activity, to check if the data is extracted from Data Table, to proceed to next sub-process in Automation Process and sends info to Bots in Control Tower.


By default DataTable argument is not visible in Control Tower > Process View > Transaction Details screen for a specific transaction.

Enabling property IsExtracted will make the Data table and its value visible in Process VIew screen in tabular format.


Hi @Mantri,

I am adding on top of other response.

IsExtracted property is represent C-View for table (Engage scenario).