Unable to move control inside vdi


We are working on automating the process of SLA violation report mailing.

Steps involved

  1. Login to Infosys VDI from local desktop using credentials.
  2. Opening web browser inside VDI and login to download the SLA violation report.
  3. Mail the downloaded report to users.

We have automated the first step of logging into VDI by giving username and password using Application -> Web Apps -> Web & Window mode feature.
The issue we are facing is after logging in we couldn’t move the control inside VDI to do the steps 2 and 3.

I have included the screenshots below.

Assitedge RPA Web App for login:

Using application host I’m able to switch focus from chrome to VDI window but i couldn’t move inside VDI to use webmode.

Kindly help to proceed further.



Automation in remote based machine using Control Id approach will not work. In Remote machine only Image based automation will work

Amit Anand

Thanks a lot. Im able to control inside vdi via image based automation.

Im getting “Object reference not set to instance of object” error eventhough i have not used any aruguements or variables

While using Image based Automation the process is running without errors somtimes and sometimes its failing at different steps . If i re run sometimes its running error i couldnt understand this tool.
Is Image based automation a reliable one.

Note: I never made any changes while running the process but each time it gives a different output