Unable to launch Studio

Hi Team,

I am unable to launch Studio. The studio starts and suddenly disappears.

Please find the below log -

{“MachineName”:“XXXXXXXX”,“ProcessId”:“3088”,“ProcessName”:“C:\AERPA19.1\AutomationStudio\Automation Studio.exe”,“co_module”:“SE_ACE”,“inst_key”:“0”,“trans_key”:“0”,“trans_id”:“”,“crossref_id”:“”,“workspacekey”:“Default”,“datetime”:“2022-12-22T11:12:13.429-05:00”,“level”:“Error”,“priority”:“0”,“srcmodule”:“Server Instance ViewModel”,“method”:“GetDefaultInstance”,“errormessage”:“Invalid URI: The URI is empty.”,“errordetails”:“ExceptionMessage - Invalid URI: The URI is empty. \r\nExceptionSource - System \r\nExceptionTarget - Void CreateThis(System.String, Boolean, System.UriKind) \r\nStackTrace - System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The URI is empty.\r\n at System.Uri.CreateThis(String uri, Boolean dontEscape, UriKind uriKind)\r\n at System.Uri…ctor(String uriString)\r\n at ServerInstanceViewModel.ViewModel.ServerInstanceViewModel.GetDefaultInstance()”,“userid”:“XXXXXX”,“ipaddress”:“XXXXXX”,“LogType”:“Default”}

Hi @manikandan.u02

I see from your logs that you’re using RPA 19.1 version.
The issue seems to be with your Studio Config.

Ideally the Automation Studio will connect to the server where your AE RPA is deployed. The server details are stored in the config file. Which in your case seems to be empty.

Please search for the key=“AERestEndpoint” in the Automation Studio.exe.config file.

For sure you’ll see the value as “”.

Something like this -

Please update the value to the RestEndPoint of the AE Server.

Example - If your server is running on a machine - edge123 and port is 8443 (with SSL) then your value will be https://edge123:8443/api/a

Example -

Great, It worked. Thank you

Thanks . This helped me as well