Unable to handle Pop up

Hi Team,

I am automating Web based oracle apps in which when I upload a file , I am getting below Warning pop up, where I am unable to capture the pop up by Win Pop up Handler.
Kindly help me in providing solution for this.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @rshreyasi12

Could you provide more inputs on this pop up?

I want to know whether this pop up is opening as a separate window in your taskbar or is it opening within the browser.
When you use Win pop up handler activity, can you see Advanced Field Configuration Window on your taskbar?

You can even give a try to automate this window using the Windows Mode in the Multimodal dialog box.


Regarding pop up its opening automatically when I click on file attach option and its not neither part of browser nor taskbar. Its a separate pop up which is appearing more like Warning.

I have tried multi modal using Windows mode, But still it isn’t able to detect the Popup.
Hence kindly help in providing solution

I am sure you must have tried opening the Advance Field Configuration Window to check if any elements of the pop up are visible in that box. If that is also not working, then you’ll have to depend upon Image Mode automation (surface automation).
Use Image Control Activity along with Focus Window to automate that pop up.