Unable to close Result Window

Hi Team,

I am doing Web Application Automation.
For one of my elements, I have selected the option of Get Text.

After clicking the Traceback button,

It gave me the Result window.

Somehow my Web Mode is coming above the Result Window. And I am not getting the option to close the Result Window. I am also not able to move the Web Mode Window.

The only option I have is to close Web Mode and re-configure all my steps.

Can someday replicate the same issue and tell if I am the only one facing this problem?


Please use esc key to close Result Window.

Thanks @bhuvan
This helped me. It is an issue with the UI. The box should be ideally positioned above Web Mode

Escape Key to Close the mentioned window. For more details on Field Properties in AssistEdge 19.1 Enterprise, refer link -