Tutorial for Web based application



We are developing a web-based application which upon sign in creates a case. I was trying to create a bot using RPA which will loop through values in excel sheet and populate the values in the app thus creating a case without human intervention. Somehow I am unable to proceed beyond sign in page. Can anyone help me with some sample process already created for such scenario or with any video where sign-in is included?


Hi Mayank,

If you facing some specific issue with respect to your use case kindly post the same. For self learning videos you can visit https://www.edgeverve.com/assistedge/community/

You can also down load AssistEdge-CE-AutomationStudioUserGuide.pdf to learn more.



Hi @amit_anand15…I am trying to create a bot for creating a case in my application which also requires Sign In. I am stuck at the stage where I need to sign in. How do I add the steps to sign in automatically?

I went through all the videos available but none could help me with this. I suggest the team to add more videos covering the basic functionality. (fyi…I am new to using such tools thus facing issues understanding the functionality).


Hi Mayank,

Follow these steps for Sign In application:

Assuming you have added web application correctly by providing correct url:

  1. Create a new Sign IN process
  2. Add the application block activity and select your application
  3. Click on Setting icon to launch your application and wait for it to dock inside Studio
  4. Click on Start Field configuration and configure interaction individually on Login Id, Password and Sign In button.
  5. Save the fields and publish Deploy your Sign In process

Once you have configured Sign In process then you can configure automation process for the same application

  1. Create a new Automation process
  2. Select the app and launch it by clicking on setting icon inside Studio
  3. Navigate manually to your landing screen and then again start Field configuration of web element as per your use case.

When you will do a set up env then system will ask for user id and password which will be used for signing in the application and setting your application

You can then Do Test Run to validate your automation process



Hi @amit_anand15, I am following the same steps and currently stuck at 4th point from above. When I select start field configuration and I select the Login ID field, the field is not recognised. In one of the sample video, I saw that the properties section gets displayed on the right side pane. But, in my case, nothing shows up. Any idea why this might be happening?



If possible share your application url if it is in a public domain.
Alternatively you can try image based automation



Hi Mayank,

I was able to configure fields for web application which you have mentioned. Request to kindly close your Studio instance and close all chrome.exe and chromedriver.exe process.

Restart Studio and try configuring your application again. It should work. Make sure that you system is not over utilized due to other running process.