Try Catch for File not Found



I am implementing Try catch for Excel Loop Activity. File input for Excel Loop will be generated by Previous Activity(Outlook Search - If any result excel file will be created, Esle no file). I am not sure what to write in Catch Block to got to Catch block If i get the below Error. Can any one help me on this.



Hi Sandeep,

In Catch block you can use Write to Log Activity to write customized message such as excel file was not generated for certain key word. Alternately you can write any automation flow as per your use case as to how you want your system to behave if file is not found.



Hi Amit

I have marked Ignore Error to yes and for Testing I have a Writeline in Catch Block, Control is not coming to Catch block.

Do I need to write something in Define Exception(now it is filled as exception)


Hi Sandeep,

Kindly mark Ignore Error to No for the exception to be thrown. Ignore prev post