Trigger a script in linux environment and return the list to assistEdge

Actually, i have a scenario like i need to login to a linux environment and trigger one script there and to return the results in assitedge, how can i do this in automation studio.
i tried to create a process with windows application, there i tried to login to the linux environment with putty, but after that iam not getting any control over putty to do the remaining stuff’s like to trigger the script.

how can i do this scenarios in assistedge automation studio?

To run a script in Linux env you can add putty as a windows application in Studio and then connect to your Linux system.

Post that you will get a window root@ip
Bring that window in focus using Focus Window activity. Then using Application host activity pass on your required commands


okay…thank you i will try out this, so after triggering the script, how can i get the script results in assitedge,because i need to send result to slack or skype

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I have answered this query in following forum question. Check the same

How to run a Linux command? I have connected to Linux server via putty(FTPApps). But not sure how to run command after it.

Please let me know a solution for this.



Support for Linux server based automation is currently not available in product

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