Test User Role Access

Hi Team,

I am Super Admin in my AssistEdge RPA instance.
I have created a new role and assigned them the required access.

Is there a way that I can test those accesses without losing my existing role of Super Admin?

Role created by you is associated with parent role that is super admin, and creates a role hierarchy and it inherits the permission from the parent role.

Sumit Sagar

Agreed. I am Super Admin and I’ll have all those accesses.
But is there a mechanism by which I can test whether all assigned accesses are correctly working for new role?

Hi @Mantri, You can make use of Roles option available in the admin module to test the access permissions granted to new role without losing the existing role. Refer the following link for detailed information


Hope this answers your question.

Thanks @rajasri.muthaiya

This is really helpful.