Test Run Option not available for sign-in process

Hi i am trying to create a process to login into a website and download a report.
I am starting with the sign-in process but unable to test run it as that option is not getting selected.


On Home screen click on Create > Sign In Process. It should show a screen like this. Drag drop your application and configure Sign In process for it. Post that save and then do Test Run

i saved it and setup the enviornment. Then i published and deployed it also. But how do i run it… it is not appearing on my EvaBot

i have saved it but unable to select test run

see the test run isnt available.

i have deployed the process its still not visible in eva bot

Sign in process do not appear on EVA bot. When you run a process associated with ta application then it will get invoked automatically while setting up application

how do i associate with another process?

Sign In process is associated with application. If you are using the same application in any other process it will automatically get invoked at time of launch of application