Test execution time out


I am trying to run the bot and after every 5-7 mins its showing “Test Execution Timed Out”.
I tried increasing the StudioSearchTime from 600000 to 999999999 in “Assistedge.config” file in ACE folder. Also tried reinstalling the AssistEdge tool but showing same issue.

Kindly help how can I run the process for atleast 4-5 hrs without any issue.

Thanks in advance,
Tushar Bansal

hi @tushar

When you modify Automation Studio.exe.config file, the modifications are applicable for Automation Studio.

Since you want to do it for Robot, try to change StudioSearchTime value in the “…\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\PA\RoboSE.exe.config” file.

Mark this answer as resolution if this solves your issue. :slight_smile:

I have made changes in both files RoboSE.exe.config also and trying to run via BOT as well as manually via process->setupenv->testrun… But same issue is there in both cases.