Starting EVA bot automatically when machine re-boots

I have added certain processes in EVA bot and it only gets triggered if I go and open EVA bot from the AE icon in the system tray.
I want to automatically start EVA bot when my machine re-starts, so that i dont have to manually start EVA bot every time. Let me know if there are any options available for this.

Dear User,
Create a batch file which will start following exes in given sequence.

  1. EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\Workflow\AssistEdge RPA CE.exe
  2. Some delay/timeout of min or so
  3. EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\PA\RoboSE.exe

Configure windows startup programs to run this batch which in turn will start EV bot.


Thanks will try this approach.

Hi Pritamjeet,

Have you tried the suggetsed solution for statring the EVa Bot automatically?
If yes, is it working fine?

Thanks in advance.