Sign in process for Login



Can anyone point me to the example for sign in process for the site where we need login and password?


Hi Naveen,

Sign In process is used for application which require user to authenticte before they can perform any operation on the application. For ex: ICICI Direct website

As part of Sign in process you will have to configure setting text in Login Id / Password and PAN fields and click on Login Now Button.


Thanks Amit. Is there any step-by-step process which I can follow for setting up Sign In process.


Hi Naveen,

Configuring Sign in process is similar to configuring any automation process. After adding the application block in flowchart launch the application. Then configure User Id field and map it to LoginId. Then configure password field and map it to password. Then configure click on Login Button. Publish and deploy the process
On doing test run you will be asked for application credential which will be used for performing sign in automation

Additionally you can download and refer Assist Edge user guide for more details from following link


Thanks Anand. I am getting below error while setting login Id and Password. I am configuring LoginId and password for setValue and Log In button for click. Unable to find out issue from below message.

SetValue - JIRA.login-form-username Web Element not found.FindBy :id , Locator : login-form-username , Item Index :0 , Item offset : 0 SetValue Fail


Hi Naveen,

Application is not able to find web element uniquely using default selector while doing automation. Try changing selector using manual configuration option. As an alternative you can also use Java Script or Image Automation