Sharepoint Download


Created a simple process to download a file from Sharepoint. When I do the testrun, the process runs successfully but the file is not downloaded. I dont see any errors as well.
Anybody else faced the same issue



May be you are not configuring the required parameters correctly. Error will be thrown only when get call to share point server is not made by system. If possible post your share point url so that solution can be suggested



It is a intranet sharepoint. Can we do a quick screen share.



It is not possible to provide support on screen share. I will give you an example

If your share point url is some thing like this, then you need to provide parameter in following way.You can take help of url decoder available online to change your url text in plain text


BaseUrl: http://<webserveralias>/project/<somename>/
SrcFolderName : /project/<somename>/Shared Documents/<foldername1>/<foldername2>
FileName : MyFile.xlsx


Tried on similar lines. Still doesnt download. Trying to download Test.xlsx from below path



Try using this

Base Url:
Rootfolder : /sites/MyProjects/Shared Documents/_<PleaseUpdateSubesequentfolderPath>_


No change. Does it log the details anywhere? So that I can check the log as to what is happening?



The url which you have mentioned will not work as it is Office 365 based for which support is not available as of now



Any other workaround that we can use to download the file from sharepoint



Try web based automation approach