Set Value not working By Id,Css3 Selectors

Hi Team,

I am configuring the fields in Oracle WMS Cloud for Create User by taking input from Excel,
I am using Set Value property to set fields in Cloud instance, But the ID’s and CSS3 Selectors are constantly changing and instead of filling the value of Shift field its filling in Facility Code field, Instead of filling in Role filed its filling in Type field, Instead of filling in Language field its filling in Company Id field in the below Image.
The values are not properly filled by using Set Value, and we checked for other unique field other than ID’s ,but could find any.
Below is image of WMS Oracle Cloud.

Kindly help us with the issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Shreyasi Rachha


If there is no constant UI attribute which can identify given web element uniquely then you will have to switch to image automation

Amit Anand