Sending Mail via Gmail

Hi all,
I want to send email using my gmail server client.

How can I configure my SMTP client?
Where I have to provide the login credentials?


My test run fails with the above error.


Get your GMail server details and first add it as a SMTP application. Post that you can use a SMTP activity

Thanks @amit_anand15
I’ll try to add the separate SMTP application.
I didn’t check for this application type. Thank you for the resolution.

So this is what I am trying to do.


These are my configurations.

Still I am getting this error.


Is there anything I have to do for sending mail from my gmail profile?
I have given my right email id and password during setup.

Use this link to enable pop 3 / imap on your gmail

Hi @amit_anand15
I am trying to replicate the whole above scenario but it is still showing the error “Failure sending mail”.
I have enabled pop/imap settings in google also. Attaching the snapshot of SMTP application configuration detail.
Is there anything you can help me with this error?
If anything further required pls let me know.


Domain name should be

Hi @amit_anand15,
Can you please help for the error - “Failure sending email”, “One of the child activities failed”?
After configuring SMTPapp, I am using SMTP mail utility inside SMTPapp.
I have completed all the required steps for gmail SMTP connection (including allow for less secure apps from google account) but still not able to send email.
Below are the smtp details -
domain -
host -
port - 465
To test the smtp connection details from system, I have made one java program to send email via gmail which is working fine.

Can you please check if you can help me here?

Thanks in advance!

can anyone please help me out for the error in this functionality?