Send Notification when Chrome Browser is not loaded

Hi Everyone,
I have a Web Automation which keeps running on a daily basis in Chrome Browser. But as the Chrome Browser Drivers keeps updating, the Chrome browser fails to launch after few days/month. Is there a way I can get the notification when ever Chrome Browser needs to be updated?
Looking forward for a possible solution

Hi @mohammadshoaib.s

This requirement can be achieved by using Appication Exists Activity present in AssistEdge 19.0 onwards.
Let’s say if your Chrome Broswer Drivers have updated, the Chrome will not get launched if there are old drivers present in the Selenium Drivers. In that case, you can detect if the Chrome has launched or not with the help of this activity.
You can refer Knowledge Base to understand more about this activity.

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 has capability to send notifications to users in-case of consecutive automation step failure, Users can configure this alert in AssistEdge 19.1 Monitor.xml. Users can receive Consecutive Process Step Failure Email, if chrome browser is not loaded at a particular consecutive Step of loading chrome browser in Automation process.

You can refer link to configure Step Error notifications in AssistEdge 19.1 -