Selection Of Sensitivity Label When Saving Excel File

Hi Team,

I am facing this issue with Excel File Saving from couple of weeks. In our process we download .csv file from website and convertt file to .xslx format and save it in a folder when we are trying to perform the action of convertion it is asking to select a label as attached below is there any way to apply lable by default when we save or is there a way to bypass this please help us on this ASAP it is becoming a bottle neck for our daily automations and needs a ot of manual intervention all the time.


HI @amit_anand15 Can you kindly help on the above request.

HI @nagasai
Have you tied automating this using Winpop Handler.
I think with Winpop handler and key events this can be tackled.

You can open the Excel using ExcelApps.