Select Item by Drop down


When I am accessing drop down control on web page using win pop uop handler it is not showing select value from list. please help me. if you want i can share screen shots.



to select dropdown value you don’t need to win pop up. After scrapping the required web control use select interaction



no in here i have to use windows pop up. because form is opening in popup window.


Is it a windows pop up or web based pop up


web based popup.i am using pop up handler i haqvent enough knowledge to configure the popup. I would like to thank you that if you can provide guide for that.


Pop up handler is for windows pop up. For web based pop up yu can continue using web based scrapping approach (unless its an alert/ file dialog or confirm pop up)


what do you mean by web based scraping approach? Web application?

I have added web application and after clicking the link on that web page it will open the next screen in new window. so I used win popup handler to access controls on it. beacuse i cant use “start field configuration” option to access controls on new window.



Share screenshot of the pop up you are getting so that i can suggest further



if the new page which is opening after clicking the link is having an url. Please use shift click operation to dock that window and then do screen scrapping.


Can you explain where do I want to click with shift? new window is not opening in tab on assistedge studio. so i cant use strat field configuration. Please help me


There is no need to do shift click for dropdown selection. It is for a diferent use case when a new window opens on a button / link click. Share screenshot of your app.