Scroll to a particular text in web page

Hi Folks,

Kindly help me with the below concern.

I have a value stored as a argument. This value can change each time I run the process. Suppose this value appears somewhere in a webpage. Is it possible to scroll to view, so that the focus in the webpage comes to where this argument value is present.

What i finally want to achieve is to find this value in a webpage, take a screenshot and then click it.


Hi Surya,

This can be achieved easily using Execute JavaScript Activity.

You can execute the jquery on the webpage to find the text in the element.

(document).ready(function(){ (“a:contains(#YourArgumentName#)”);

Once fetched, you can execute another JavaScript to scroll into the view.

Make sure to focus the screen and put certain delay.

For a web application use case, anything can be automated using the powerful execute JavaScript activity.

I hope you’ll be be able to crack this up.

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Scroll By, Scroll Into View interaction are available in product by default. You can also use the same

Amit Anand