Scheduling is not working

Hi Team,

I have schedule a process by using Cron scheduling at 3 AM and at 3 PM (0 0 15,3 ? * MON-FRI). But 3 AM run is not happening. Bot is getting stuck and showing the notification as starting the execution. After restarting the EVA bot, 3 PM run is executing perfectly fine. What could be the issue?


Kindly check the logs exactly at what step bot is getting stuck

At application launch
During process execution

Hi Amit,

For 3 AM run, application is not getting launch. In other system, this scheduling is working fine. So is this a system issue?
Please note that the system has all required configuration which is needed for AE community edition.

I am not able to test this bot.

Not able to test? I didn’t get.:neutral_face:


Can you check and identify why application is not launching


I checked it but am not getting any reason for this. After restarting the BOT, 3 PM run is executing fine and next day we are again having the same issue for 3 AM run. So everyday, whenever I login, I need to restart the Bot.


Bot must be in running state. When you are logging off probably bot is along getting killed

is there any solution for this?


Issue has been resolved. 3 AM run was not working because system was going into the sleep mode.