SAP Recorder Failed 2

Hi Team,

I have the necessary dlls for SAP but still i am getting the attached error while recording please help/guide me


With the screenshot that you have attached your script is recorded and can be viewed by clicking on right icon in SaP recorder activity.

Error you are getting becuase system is not able to playback what you have recorded

Is anyone able to use Sap automation using Assist Edge ?
The dlls that are mentioned to be used are outdated at the first place and even if you somehow get them and place at the said locations,doesn’t seem to be working at all.

The documentation is also not detailed enough.Neither could find a demo vedio on the academy portal for Sap automation. Kinldy share the link if available.


What is the issue that you are facing. Also, have you placed Interop dlls in ThirdPartyDLLs folder and SAPEngine folder

Amit Anand

I have placed the dlls in the above folders. It is not launching the Sap.i guess there is issue with the connection settings.
Can you help me as to what do we enter for the connection name for the application- Is it description or the application server ??


Like in my case SAP connection string name is test:

While adding a SAP application in Automation Studio, I mention the Connection Name property as test, which is equal to the SAP connection string name.