Run process one after other

Hi Team,

I have two processes.
I want run the second process only in when the first process has executed successfully?
How do I acheive this scenerio?

In AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 Control Tower - Listening methods can be defined in the order in which process requests from various profiles are listened and executed by the Robot.

There are three types of listening methods in AssistEdge Control Tower -

  1. First Come - First Serve
  2. Round Robin
  3. Priority

You can refer link for more details -

Hi @sumit.sagar

I didn’t understand how does this work.
My requirement is that I must trigger another process if the first process has been executed successfully.
Can the above listening methods help me in identifying if the first process execution was successful?

Listening Methods mechanisms like FCFS, Round Robin, Priority based works in the way profiles are listened and executed.

You can add notification to your multiple processs and set up above mechanisms in Robot life cycle, and check if above criterion is met.