Robot Farm Machine restarting


My robot farm machine restarts on a weekly basis. I must restart the agent and bots manually. Is there any way my agent and bots can restart automatically?

AssistEdge 19.1 Enterprise - Proctor enables you to automatic start, update, stop Agent on configured Machine. You can refer knowledge base for configuring Robot Agents via Proctor -


Proctor functionality is from 18.x series and can be used to achieve automated start of agent and bot on machine restart


Hi @Mantri

As suggested, you can use proctor to achieve your needs

  1. Place Robot folder on VM
  2. Open CMD (…\Robot promot)
  3. Execute commands to install Proctor

Hi @Mantri

Proctor Commands

INSTALL - Install AssistEdge Proctor Service
UNINSTALL - Uninstall AssistEdge Proctor Service
START - Start Proctor Service
STATUS - Checks if Proctor Service is running or not
STOP Stops Proctor Service

Thank you. I installed proctor and was able to restart the robots automatically.