Reset and Signin Application

How does the checkbox of Is Reset Required and Is Sequential SignIn / Reset work?
In which cases I should check it and in which all cases I should uncheck it?

Is Reset Required -
This property indicates that if post performing automation search Reset of application is required or not to bring the application to its initial state. In Engage if this property is enabled for an application and user clicks on Search button then Search button will remain disabled while the search is performed. Only when user click on Rest button and Reset operation is performed Search button is enabled for next search operation.
If the property is disabled then Search button will get enabled as soon as previos Search automation is completed

Is Sequential SignIn / Reset

If there re multiple application added in a profile, then selecting this property for an application will mean that while performing sign in application in given profile sign in automation for applicaiton will be performed one by one in a sequential manner. Disabling this property will mean that all application are launched parallelly and sign in automation is performed parallelly. Similarly for Sequential Reset operation.