Renamed Process not reflecting in EVA Bot

I have renamed the process which is already deployed in Automation Studio of Community Edition and redeployed the process but the new name is not getting reflected in the EVA Bot.
And not able to run the process having old name from EVA Bot.

Tried closing and opening Studio as well as EVA Bot without any luck. Request your help.

Hi Shiv,

The process won’t be renamed in EVA bot. However, you should be able to run process with old name.

What is the trigger type you are using

Hi Amit,

No trigger type used. Trying to run manually.


Are you able to capture any error in EVA bot log file


There is no error captured in log file.

When eva bot starts processing then it must generate some logs. Can you paste them here.Also, try renaming again your process to old name and see if that works.