Regarding bulk load in Assist Edge Community Edition Failure in Set Value

Hi Team,

We are loading bulk data of 6000 records using Assist Edge Community Edition and we are facing many issues in it while running Eva bot

  1. We have tested the Eva bot for 1000 records and it got failed in between. Wanted to confirm if bulk load by Community Edition is supported.
  2. Set Value not working and its taking one particular value from some random row and updating the others records with same value.
    In the below excel its taking 11th row combination value and updating the same value to all the other rows.
    It is not only happening for this process, but also continuing for other processes as well.

Kindly help us in resolving this issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Shreyasi Rachha


Kindly ensure that the excel which you are using do not have empty cells in between