Question on Patch Level

Is it necessary to have same patch level while exporting a process from DEV environment and importing into UAT environment?

Hi @rajasri.muthaiya

The product ensures backward compatibility with the earlier versions as well.
Ideally, you’ll not face any issue while exporting and importing the process for the same version with different patch levels.

In case, the applied patches impact the behavior of your process execution, then it may have an impact.

Recommended - AssistEdge Dev or UAT Server set up versions and patches to be in sync, for Stability of Automation and Robots on Platform.

Hi @Mantri & @sumit.sagar, Thanks for your response. Is there any way to identify if the given patch has potential impact to the process execution?


That depends on specific patch releases. ( mandatory and non mandatory) . Since Release 19.x we are releasing Service Pack patches which are mandatory and released on regular interval