Purpose of IsDynamic

Hi Team,

While automating web sign in steps, I am getting the option of IsDynamic

When should I opt for IsDynamic field?


Hi @Mantri

IsDynamic is used to generate additional control.

Let’s take an example, if you are working on sign in process which need more then two value for authenticate your applicaiton i.e. user name, password and PIN.

Use IsDynamic to create another control for PIN.

Hi @bhuvan

Whether this Control will take input from the Credential Manager of the Control Tower?
I have deployed the process containing the sign-in application with IsDynamic option.

But I don’t see any option where I can provide a PIN

In which version this capability was introduced?

AssistEdge 19.1 - provides capability to handle the dynamic controls where users can reconfigure the fields for more effective way of identifying UI Elements with IsDynamic - as suggested by @bhuvan - dynamic controls can be created with this, based on Automation scenario. This was introduced in 8.X version.