Providing Input in Automation


Can I automate providing Captcha in AssistEdge?

Hi @anshu.khetarpal

This purely depends upon the type of Captcha.

If Captcha is simple numbers or words, then yes.
You can use Text Extrcator Activity to extrcat the text from Captcha.

Please refer this link to understand how Text Extractor Activity works.

But in case your captcha requires you to click on Street Lights/Cars/Cat/Dog etc, or requires you click on properly aligned images, or text of Captcha is stretched/shrinked and can fail a normal OCR, then you’ll have to do Attended Automation.

The purpose of captcha is to bifurcate Computer and human apart - its acronym is “Completely Automated Public Turing Test”. Captcha is implemented to defend against ad spammers and Robots.

If you want to do some research or POC - you can create Microbot or Custom Applications and integrate with AssistEdge with the help of 3rd party API services - Captcha solvers like Best Captcha, DeathByCaptcha, etc. But this is not recommended for stable RPA solutions.