Problem launching AE Studio 18.2 Patch 1

Hello Team,

I am trying to Launch AE Automation Studio Enterprise Edition v18.2 Patch 1 but I am getting error popup as mentioned below.

The type initializer for ‘SE.Core.Automation.IoCContainer.IoC’ threw an exception

I have following system config:
OS : Win 10 Enterprise (64 Bit)
MS Excel 2010
.Net Framework v4.8

I have checked logs as well. I can share them if required personally to support team member.

I have also checked similar issues on forum but can’t find a exact solution to resolve the same.

Kindly assist on the same. Happy to connect on Teams app well.



Kindly share the logs. Also, since 18.2 is a patch over 18.x version were you able to launch 18.x version on your machine.

This error occurs when one of the pre-req is not present on your machine or you have added a plugin for which software is not present in your system.

Amit Anand

Thanks @amit_anand15 for your response.
I have shared logs with you and yes, I have successfully ran AE Studio v18 on same machine.



Can you try upgrading your excel to 2013 or 2016 version
If not delete Excel folder from AutomationStudio\bin\Plugins folder


Hi Amit,

I don’t think I can upgrade the MS Excel version easily. But please let me know if it is mandatory for AE v18.2, probably then I will have to get it upgrade with some process.

I will try second option and update you.


Thanks a lot @amit_anand15

Deleting the Excel folder has resolved the AE studio launch problem.

Cheers !

Thank you,