Problem in Excel Recording

Hello Team, @amit_anand15

I am using Excel Recorder activity to create a simple pivot in the in a excel file.

I am recording complete process but it is not working as expected when I test run the process.

Please find attached screen shots.

  1. Expected screenshot - expected.png : I need the expected pivot as shown in image.

  2. Actual Output received after test run - actualoutput.png : But I am not receiving the expected pivot. Getting the result as shown in image - actualoutput.png

Could you please assist on what is going wrong and how can it be resolved.

Thank you.

Hi @ameyaprabhune

Is your test run failing or successful?
Are your number of rows dynamic?

I replicated the same scenario with exact data; everything works on my machine. I am getting the same output as per your expected screenshot.

It seems the steps are not getting recorded properly from your machine.
PFA the script which got generated for me.

Script.txt (2.4 KB)