Primary modes available in Multimodal Interface

What are the primary modes available in Multimodal Interface?

Hi @mrunalini

It completely depends upon the type of automation that you’re doing.
Web Automation will have 3 modes, Excel Automation will have three mode, and so on.

What type of automation are you doing?

Hi @Mantri
I am working on a Windows automation.

Then for this, I have a follow-up question.

Which version of AssistEdge RPA are you using?

Depending on the version of your AssistEdge RPA, there can be different options in the Multimodal dialogue box when you do Windows Automation.


I am using RPA 19.1

Hi @mrunalini
For Windows Application Windows Mode is available in Multimodal Interface

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1, supports three types of multi-model interfaces -

  1. Windows Mode
  2. Image Mode
  3. .Net Object Mode

You can refer knowledge base for more details -