PDF generation with dynamic content


Working on a POC with Assist Edge Community Edition and there is a Use case for PDF generation.

Use case :
There is a standard template which contains a static content along with place holders for dynamic content. When we automate the testing, we will have to update the generated Id to this PDF dynamically.

For example to send Email or to generate PDF


Your Customer Id : <Cust_Id>

Here the and <Cust_Id> will be inserted dynamically and want to send Email and generate PDF.

Could you please let us know if this is possible using Assist Edge Community Edition.



Create a string with <Cust_Id> as an argument. Whatever value is being assigned to it will be replaced at run time.

You can then send the same string in email or write in a notepad


Not able to generate pdf using community edition. I need to create a pdf and write content to it.
Could you please help …



You cannot generate a pdf usign Assist Edge. You can extract data from a pdf using Assist Edge


HI Amit,
Is it possible to generate PDF in the Licence version of Assist Edge.

Prathap S



As I have stated Assist Edge is not a PDF generation tool. It allows you to search and extract data from an already existing pdf