Outlook Automation

I am working to send an email using outlook automation. I have an excel file which contain summary details (three columns and n number of rows). This excel data i want to send in email body in tabular format. Need help.

Hi @bhuvan

2 ways of doing it.

Solution 1

Use Assign and Excel Loop Activity to form your tabular body

Solution 2

Use Microbot

For Solution 1

I am taking the below sample data

You use assign activity to start the table


Then you use Excel Loop Activity to add your table rows and column data

Then you use Assign Activity outside Excel Loop to close your table


Send this formed table as a part of your email body, et voila!

Sample Output -


44202 East Jones
44219 Central Kivell
44236 Central Jardine
44253 Central Gill
44270 West Sorvino
44287 East Jones
44304 Central Andrews
44321 Central Jardine
44338 West Thompson

For Solution 2

You can create Microbot which reads your excel data and forms tabular data.

The advantage here would be that you can customize it further to work for n number of columns.